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Eighteen One-Man Cars for Phoenix

SOURCE: Electric Railway Journal (Date unknown)

Eighteen one-man, two-man, double-truck, double-end, 40-passenger motor cars have been ordered by the Street Railway Department of the city of Phoenix, Ariz., from the American Car Company, St. Louis, Mo. These cars are 39 ft. 1 in. long over the bumpers, the width is 8 ft. 5 in., and the height from rail to trolley base is 11 ft. The truck centers are spaced 16 ft. 10 in., the wheels being of 26 in. diameter on a truck wheelbase of 5 ft. 1½ in.

In the body construction the side sill angles [angle irons] are one continuous length and the dasher angles are joined to the side sill angles with gusset plates riveted. The side rest angles and window rest angles are machine fitted to the post and riveted. The cross sill are joined to the side sills and dasher with gusset plates riveted, while the crown pieces are bolted to the sills. The corner post tees are extended in one continuous piece from side sill to side sill, and joined to same with angle iron riveted and fastened to oak posts and head pieces with screws.

The vestibules are of the removable type and have folding doors on the right hand side of both ends which open 48 in. in the clear. Folding doors on the left-hand side of both ends open 24 in. in the clear. All doors and steps are operated by air. The call for bids on these cars was mentioned in the Aug. 11 issue of the Journal.


The Phoenix cars have a seating capacity of 40 passengers

Total weight 30,000 lb.
Bolster centers 16 ft. 10 in.
Length over all 39 ft. 1 in.
Length over body posts 26 ft. 4 in.
Truck wheelbase 5 ft 1½ in.
Width over all 8 ft. 5 in.
Height, rail to trolley base 11 ft.
Window post spacing 30 in.
Body Semi-steel
Air brakes Westinghouse
Axles Brill
Car signal system National Pneumatic
Compressors Westinghouse
Conduit Flexible
Control General Electric
Curtain Fixtures Curtain Supply Company
Curtain material Pantasote
Destination signs Hunter
Door Mechanism American Car National Pneumatic engine
Doors Folding End
Fare boxes Johnson Fare Box Company
Floor covering Rubber mat in aisle
Glass plate D.S.A.
Hand brakes American Car Company’s drop type
Headlights Ohio Brass Company
Headlining Haskelite
Interior Trim Mahogany
Journal bearings Plain
Journal boxes Brill
Lamp fixtures General Electric short circuit type
Motors Four General Electric, inside hung
Painting scheme Orange and ivory paint
Roof type Arch
Roof material F. & G. boards
Safety car devices Safety Car Devices Company
Sash fixtures American Car Company
Seat spacing 30 in.
Seating material Rattan and leather
Steps Folding
Step treads Feralun
Trolley catchers Ohio Brass
Trolley base Ohio Brass
Trolley wheels Ohio Brass
Trucks J. G. Brill Company 177-E-1-X
Wheels, type Steel, diameter 26 in.
Wheelguards or fenders American Car Company


  • Interior width 7 ft. 8 in.

Street Railway to Purchase New Cars


May 28, 1927 — Electric Railway Journal

PHOENIX — Street Railway Properties, Phoenix, Ariz., shortly will purchase a number of one-man, pay-as-you-enter cars due to the passage of a $750,000 bond issue by the municipal authorities on April 30, referred to recently in the Electric Railway Journal. According to law 30 days must elapse before the bonds are marketable.